Innovation through tradition – weavers since 1750

If a family business can look back on a history of more than two and a half centuries, it must have done quite a bit right.

Over a period extending from the Age of Enlightenment, the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars through the German Biedermeier period, the Revolutions of 1848, the Industrial Revolution, World War I and II up to the present age of dynamic globalisation, the company has asserted itself as a successful weaving mill.

The story of Gebrüder Colsman is the history of the textile industry – from its origins in craftsmanship to global industrialisation. More than once in its history, Gebrüder Colsman has had to reinvent itself and find innovative new paths to pursue. Innovation through tradition.

Much, however, has remained the same throughout the ages: the care that Gebrüder Colsman takes to ensure high quality and the dedication with which the company satisfies the wishes of its clients, combined with the foresight with which Gebrüder Colsman earns the loyalty of both customers and employees and takes the right decisions at the right time.