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Colsman Creation

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Colsman Techtex

Product Management
Frank Schulte  

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Vertrieb Innendienst
Nicole Gronenschild

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GTT German Technical Textiles

General Manager 
George Yao 

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Ansprechpartner in Deutschland 
Klaus Schröder 

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Technical textiles – innovation is woven here

In many business areas, technical textiles and materials are the starting point for the development of innovative products, which must often meet both functional and aesthetic demands. On Gebrüder Colsman's modern weaving machines, ideas become reality, day after day.

Colsman Techtex is a respected manufacturer that works together with innovative clients in the industry to develop technical textiles and textile solutions for a huge variety of applications. Gebrüder Colsman is committed, purposeful and unbureaucratic in promoting the interests of its clients and it guarantees quick and efficient development processes.

Thanks to its unparalleled specialized competence with regard to textiles and its maintenance of absolute confidentiality, Gebrüder Colsman has proved itself as a reliability partner for technical textiles. Its adherence to schedules, dependability and competence paired with highly optimised and automated production processes delight even the most discerning clients.


Technical textiles: Gebrüder Colsman as a development partner and manufacturer

Technical textiles and their applications

The range of materials designed and produced by Gebrüder Colsman in close cooperation with its clients is almost infinite.

more about areas of application for technical textiles

Technical textiles – warps with more than 30,000 individual threads

With what is surely a unique assembly beaming machine in the Gebrüder Colsman warping department, warps are produced in counts from 33 to 550 decitex with more than 30,000 individual threads.