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Product Management

Product Management
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No loose ends – the perfect warping department

Just as the weaving mill at Gebrüder Colsman can pride itself on the latest in machine technology, the continually modernized warping department is also extremely well equipped to manufacture products of outstanding quality and to be flexible in reacting to customer demands. First-class warps are the basis for high-quality fabric production.


Warp production – beaming, sectional warping, sizing, assembly beaming

Warp production and warps

The warping department produces filament warps with counts of 33 to 550 decitex, both sized and unsized. With the help of an exceptionally large warping creel and a no doubt unique assembly beaming machine with 24 positions, warps are created with up to 30,720 individual threads in widths of up to 400 cm.

Warp production with perfect warps

Whether beaming, sectional warping, sizing or assembly beaming – each step in production is monitored electronically and controlled by first-class trained personnel. The high level of quality at Gebrüder Colsman is worth the effort, as only perfectly configured warp beams ensure the highest quality and can be processed without any difficulties in the threading section and later on in the weaving mill itself.

Commissioned warp production

Gebrüder Colsman produces warp beams not only to meet its own needs but also on commission for other weaving mills.